What’s your #1 goal for 2017?

It doesn’t matter if you want to start your own blog, build 20 pounds of muscle, or find an cool girlfriend…

If you really want this to be the year you change your life, then you need to get started now.

In this article, I break down 5 New Year’s resolutions that will help you get off your ass, get motivated, and start building serious confidence in yourself. These are 5 things every man should do in 2017.

But don’t hesitate! Get started on one of these goals TODAY. Otherwise you will fall back into your old routine and fail to change your life.

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#1: Share One Insecurity

We all have things that we’re embarrassed about.

For example, maybe you have a physical insecurity you want to overcome (like your height or hairline). Or maybe it’s something else like your lack of sexual experience or credit card debt.

Regardless of what your insecurity is, you need to accept it.

Most guys never do this. Instead, they try and hide it. They try to pretend like it doesn’t exist.

But this only makes it worse. When you try and hide your imperfections, you actually draw more attention to them. On one hand, you focus on them more, because you’re so scared that other people are going to notice them.

On the other hand, other people can sense that you aren’t fully comfortable with yourself.

This is why I want you to pick one of your deepest insecurities and share it with someone else. This will allow you to accept it. This will allow you to stop thinking about it so much. And this will ultimately make you feel a lot more confident in yourself.

Plus, other people will be able to tell that you’re okay with your imperfections. And this will make you stand out, because most guys are too afraid to confront their insecurities.

#2: Face One Fear

If you want to build self-confidence, you need to face your fears and expand your comfort zone…

You’ll never date attractive women if you’re too scared to ask them out. You’ll never start your own business if you’re too scared to quit your job. You’ll never become a leader that other men look up to if you’re too scared to speak in public.

Here’s the most important thing to remember: it all starts with one small step.

If you’re afraid of talking to women, you can begin facing that fear by starting simple conversations with strangers. If you’re afraid of public speaking, you can begin facing that fear by making YouTube videos and getting comfortable talking on camera.

Regardless what your fear is, you need to face it starting NOW.

Think of a small first step you can take — then go do it! If you let another week pass you by without taking action, nothing will change. You will get complacent inside your little comfort zone, and you will remain there for yet another year.

#3: Take a Martial Arts Class

If you want to jumpstart your personal growth, learning a martial art is a good place to begin.

There a lot of key benefits to martial arts, but chief among them is building confidence and expanding your comfort zone.

You will learn how to defend yourself. And this will give you a huge confidence boost, because you will always be prepared to take action if a fight breaks out.

This will set you apart from the majority of men, who are scared shitless of physical confrontation.

Also, you will be forced to face the fear of getting hurt every time you spar in class. Even though sparring is only fighting at about 50% intensity, it still simulates real world combat. And repetitively facing this fear will condition you to face fears in other areas of your life.

Just search Google to find a Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym near you. These are the top 2 martial arts. And most gyms offer one free class so you can try it out.

#4: Meditate Every Day

Meditation is often falsely portrayed as a spiritual practice with no tangible benefits…

But when used correctly meditation can give you a HUGE boost in confidence.

It essentially trains your brain to focus exclusively on what you’re doing right now. And this helps you stop negative self-talk, stop being nervous, and get out of your head.

And this will allow you to realize your natural sense of self-confidence. You will no longer trip over your words and feel intimidated during stressful social situations… because you will finally be present!

This isn’t some hocus-pocus bullshit — it actually works!

Since I’ve started meditating daily I’ve gotten way better at moving past my anxiety and nervousness whenever it comes up (whether I’m out on a date or just by myself at home).

If you want to get started today, I recommend using the Headspace app. It provides simple 10 minute guided meditations that are easy to follow.

#5: Set Three Goals for 2017

Look man – at the end of the day you need to set goals that YOU care about. I’ve given you some examples above, but it’s up to you to get started.

I recommend getting started by choosing three things that you want to accomplish over the next few months. These can be items from this list, or anything else you want to do.

Once you decide on your three goals, start taking action right NOW! Seriously, think about the smallest step you can take to get going — then go do it. Otherwise you will continue to procrastinate and remain complacent in life.

After you get the ball rolling and begin taking action, you will quickly build momentum. Before you know it, you will be excited to get to work on your goals every morning. And soon enough you will reach your goals.

Now watch the video above and implement the 5 strategies I cover in it. This will help you stay consistent and make sure you actually achieve your goals.

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