We all want a magic bullet.

We all want to find that “one weird trick” to build 20 pounds of muscle. Or make any girl want you. Or earn $20k of passive income…

But there’s no weird tricks for any of that – there’s no magic pill.

If I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s that there are no shortcuts.

If you want to transform your body, build muscle, and get ripped, it takes years of consistent diet and training. If you want to be able to easily attract women into your life, it takes years of getting rejected and building confidence. If you want to build a profitable business that you’re passionate about, it takes years of persistence and failure.

And while this may seem depressing at first, it’s what makes these things worth achieving. If anyone could look like a fitness model or build a profitable business then these things wouldn’t matter. Because we’d all be driving around in our Lambo or Tesla with the body of a Greek god. And that would be the norm.

Okay, now that I’m done with that rant – a handful of “hacks” do exist that can give you significant benefits in little to no time.

For the purposes of this article I’m only going to cover true “hacks” that can be performed extremely quickly. I was tempted to include things like lifting weights, avoiding shitty foods, and sleeping 8 hours per night – because these things are SO important – but the fact of the matter is they are not “hacks” in the truest sense of the word.

Those things take time, planning, and effort. The following 7 things do not.

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1. Breathe Deeply

Deep belly breathing is my go-to move when I catch myself feeling anxious, frustrated, or upset.

It calms me down immediately. It’s like a mini-meditation that can be used at any time, in any situation.

All I do is focus on breathing through my nose, and deep into my belly, so that I can feel it rise and fall with each and every breath. I do that 5-10 times, and then everything seems okay.

If you’re not in tune with your breath, I’d recommend practicing some real mediation to get started.

2. Take Cold Showers

I used to be a skeptic.

But cold showers straight-up work. They take no time (you just take one instead of a regular shower) and they give you HUGE benefits.

  • They give you a HUGE burst in energy
  • They get you breathing deep which relieves stress and anxiety
  • They’ve been proven to have antidepressant benefits

And, maybe most importantly, they train you to look an uncomfortable situation square in the face, say “fuck you”, and then do it anyways. Seriously, it may sound funny but forcing yourself to take cold showers makes you a more disciplined, courageous man.

This is why they’ve become a cornerstone of my daily morning ritual.

3. Drink Loads of Water

I don’t think I need to sell you on the benefits of hydration.

Our bodies simply function better when we’re hydrated. Period. We digest food better. Poop better poops. Maintain clearer skin. Avoid joint pain. The list goes on…

But the number 1 reason you should make sure you’re getting enough water is because it makes you will feel better. You will literally feel way more energy and way less stress. This is why it’s worth making sure that you’re drinking enough water every single day. And how much is enough?

This is debatable but 8 glasses is the general recommendation… And that does NOT take into account if you’re exercising, drinking diuretics like coffee, and losing water through other means.

This means most men should be drinking more than that: Drink a big glass when you wake up. Drink a big glass with every meal. And drink one in between, too.

4. Practice Instant Decisions

Indecision is a heinous thing. It will cripple you if you let it.

When we overthink decisions, we fill ourselves with anxiety and drive ourselves crazy.

The best way to become a faster decision maker is to practice making instant decisions for things that don’t really matter:

  • What you should wear
  • What you should order on the menu
  • What restaurant you should go to
  • What time you should meet
  • What day you should meet

Practice making split-second decisions with these types of situations and you’ll waste less of your life thinking about pointless shit… And improve your ability to trust your gut instinct in the process.

5. Journal


Two questions I answer every morning

Journaling simply means keeping a daily journal. If done right, it keeps you mindful, optimistic, and productive.

I recommend downloading Grid Diary off of the App Store and using it to answer a series of basic questions, each and every morning. This is also part of my morning ritual I mentioned above.

Using the questions in the screenshot above, I remind myself of things I’m grateful for and focus myself in on my key tasks for today.

This whole process take 1-2 minutes and gives me a noticeable boost in happiness and productivity.

6. Don’t Watch the News

I might attract some haters here, but fuck it – I hate the news.

  • It distracts me from my own life
  • It’s almost all negative shit that makes me feel bad
  • It usually leads to more mindless TV watching or web browsing

I see ZERO benefits for watching the news. But I do see a whole lot of benefits for NOT watching the news: namely saved time and saved grief.

Okay, so maybe I’m completely clueless in some social situations when people are talking about the latest news craze, but – as I said – fuck it.

7. Don’t Watch Porn

Ok, so if the news is bad then porn is really bad.

It can cause sexual dysfunction, reduce your capacity to enjoy real sex, and ruin your ability to attract real women. It’s straight-up bad for you, man.

I actually wrote an in-depth article about this a few months back, so I’d recommend checking that out if I’ve piqued your interest: Porn Addiction Side Effects and How to Quit Porn.

By cutting out porn from your life you’ll avoid these negative effects, save time, and boost your sexual confidence. That’s qualifies as a “hack” if I’ve ever heard of one.

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