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6 Underrated Reasons Men Need to Lift Weights

When it comes to lifting weights, the main reason that most of us hit the gym is to build muscle and burn fat. Resistance training is universally accepted as the most effective way to improve your body composition. There’s simply no better stimulus to induce muscle... read more

5 Underused Techniques for a Stronger Squat

The barbell back squat – often referred to as “the king” of all exercises. It’s known for its unparalleled ability to build lower body strength and muscle mass in the quads, hamstring and glutes… Not to mention it facilitates strong,... read more

The Most Efficient Way to Attract Women

When it comes to dating advice, there’s a nearly unlimited amount of it to be found. Books, blogs, magazines, YouTube videos, friends, and family members are all potential sources of information. And you’ll get very different advice from an older married... read more