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10 Diet And Workout Tips For Getting Shredded

Most guys want to get “shredded”. Having a six pack and defined arms and shoulders is simply the look most of us want. The good news is that it’s not very complicated to get there. The bad news is that it does takes time and discipline. The other bad... read more

10 Tips For A Happy And Wealthy Life After College (Part I)

Welcome to The League Rook… My world was flipped onto its head after graduation. Yes, the transition from living at home to living in a college dorm is a huge one, but the transition that comes next is even more significant. I struggled at first, commuting 80 miles a... read more

How To Train The Lower Body Without Squats Or Deadlifts

The squat is king… Err the deadlift is king… Or just maybe… I’m the king? Just about every bodybuilder, powerlifter, strength coach, and personal trainer agrees the squat and the deadlift are two movements that everyone should be doing. They... read more