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7 Essential Life “Hacks” for Men

We all want a magic bullet. We all want to find that “one weird trick” to build 20 pounds of muscle. Or make any girl want you. Or earn $20k of passive income… But there’s no weird tricks for any of that – there’s no magic pill.... read more

4 Keys to Social Domination

Nearly everyone presents their own unique facade in social situations. We form our facade, or our social persona, over time. It’s a result of our experiences, our insecurities, how we desire to be perceived, and how we believe other people want us to act. Some of us have... read more

The Science of Why Eating Paleo is Plain Stupid

Diets come and go. And today’s most popular diet is undoubtedly paleo, aka the paleolithic diet. Paleo is based around eating foods that our ancient “hunter-gatherer” ancestors would have eaten during the paleolithic times – like meat, nuts, and berries… And also simultaneously avoiding foods that these same... read more