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5 Reasons Not To Do Crossfit

Crossfit is taking over the world… well, the fitness world, at least. And for two good reasons: It has a strong group of hardcore followers that spread the word like fucking disciples, and wear all crossfit branded clothes to the gym It’s marketed... read more

How To Stop A Bad Habit In 2 Simple Steps

What’s something you do that drives you crazy? What behavior, thought pattern, or other activity do you engage in that makes you feel guilty, shameful, or weak? We all have bad habits that we do. And the worst part is that we usually KNOW that they’re bad... read more

3 Books Every Man Should Read

Reading is a fundamental task that you would be ignorant to ignore. Reading a book allows you digest the life-long wisdom of another man… in a few mere hours. Yet so many men fail to read. They’d rather surf the internet, play video games, watch internet... read more