Who’s it for?

I created this routine for guys who want to build muscle mass and get stronger as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The progression we’ll use is very aggressive, so if you’re already a weight room veteran who’s strong as a beast, then this may not be for you.

I’ll add that it is also for people who are in good health… Some of the movements listed below are not safe if you have existing issues like a lower back or rotator cuff injury. As always, check with your doctor if you’re unsure that you can perform this routine safely.

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What do you need?

All you need is a squat rack, bench press, and pull-up bar…. and some dumbbells for a couple of the assistance exercises. Any basic commercial gym should have all of these things.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your inner beast to the gym with you… You’ll need him, too.

The Routine

  • The routine consists of two workouts (A and B), you will alternate between the two
  • Perform the routine every other day (e.g. Monday do A, Wednesday do B, Friday do A, Sunday do B, etc.)
  • For each exercise, choose a starting weight that you know you can do 6 reps of (with good form)
  • Perform 4 sets of 6 repetitions of each exercise using the same weight (one exercise at a time)
  • Rest 2-3 minutes in between sets
  • If you can do all 6 reps for each of the sets, add 5 lbs. the next day you do that exercise
  • If you fail, subtract 10 lbs. next time you do that exercise (and then work your way back up)
  • To warm up, perform 1 set with 50% weight for each exercise
  • *For the assistance exercises below, perform only 2 sets (no warm-up)
  • *Don’t worry too much about the weight you use for these exercises, just push yourself

Day A

Note: Click any of the exercise names below to see a video demonstration on YouTube

  1. Back squat
  2. Bench press
  3. Bent over row
  4. Bicep curl*
  5. Lateral raise*
  6. Hanging leg raise*

Day B

  1. Romanian deadlift
  2. Overhead press
  3. Pull-up (add one rep each workout instead of 5 lbs.)
  4. Skull crusher*
  5. Rear raise*
  6. Decline sit-up*
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